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Hotel Chocolat

Hotel Chocolat is a beautiful environment located in an equally beautiful natural rainforest at Boucan. There is none like it’s blend of Saint Lucian charm and classy contemporary style. Every room in the Hotel Chocolat have easy and convenient access to the cool breeze that comes form the greenish surroundings and exquisitely furnished with top luxurious furniture while give you the best view of nature’s beauty.

The Hotel Chocolat offers two types of accommodation which are Lodges and Luxe Lodges. If you opt for the lodge accommodation, you will be getting to stay close to a relaxing garden courtyard with direct view of the Petit Piton. Also the amazing rainforest showers will be in your face every time you peep out. The Lodge accommodation at Hotel Chocolat offers a king-size four-poster bed in the bed room, a lounging sofa, an open-sky rainforest shower and it is seated on a 450 sq ft grounds.

The Luxe Lodge gives guests views of the Caribbean Sea and the Pitons just from their verandahs. Seated on a 750 sq ft, the rooms contain Super-King size four-poster bed. Features of the lodge include private verandahs with Sun loungers.

Every room at the Hotel Chocolat comes with four-poster, pillow-top king and Super-King-size beds, toiletries, fresh coffee and chocolate, water and ice. The hotel also offers daily house keeping, free WiFi amongst other luxury amenities. To book a room at the hotel visit the website at, on which you can make use of Hotel Chocolat discount codes  & Free Delivery Codes to get amazing discounts on booking costs.

The Hotel Chocolat offers a lot of other services besides just accommodation which can be found on the website. Visitors on the website can shop for lovely valentine gifts for their loved ones as well as different kinds of chocolate which can be wrapped as gifts. There is a full wine store on the website where you can shop for the very best wines for any occasion. After ordering for any of these services in the website, they will shipped to any location of the customer’s choice. To enjoy discount on delivery or even totally free delivery, you can make use of Hotel Chocolat free delivery codes while placing your order on the website.

The Hotel Chocolat has a restaurant which offers a wide variety of foods and you are assured the very best services should you decide to have a meal there. There is the opportunity for people who are willing to learn new things about food preparation and how to make chocolates. The Hotel Chocolat is an ideal place to learn and become a professional. The gift section on the website offers a lot of gifts for any occasion from which you can choose, get great discounts using the Hotel Chocolat discount codes while getting free delivery for all items ordered for using the Hotel Chocolat free delivery codes.

For a great experience which you wouldn’t want to forget very quickly, the Hotel Chocolat is a great choice. You get the chance to enjoy premium luxury services at not too high costs.

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